The Hoover Sideliners were formed in 1958 as a booster club for the Hoover High School athletic teams. The early meetings were held at Jack Geib’s Viking Barber Shop. The organizers and early leaders were pillars of the community; men like Dr. T. K. Harris, Jim Hartong, Germaine Swanson, Ralph Freday and Jack Geib.

Our organization has steadily progressed from that humble beginning. Today, we offer support to all Hoover High School student organizations – covering academics, arts and athletic programs. The primary source of funding for the Sideliners is donations from North Canton area residents and businesses that are recognized in the varsity football game program. Individuals making donations are recognized as patrons of the Hoover Sideliners in the program, while businesses purchase ads that are featured in the program.

The wonderful people of our community have faithfully supported us – even during the most difficult economic conditions. The Sideliners have acted as good stewards for these contributions and have tried to make sure every student at Hoover High School has the opportunity to have the best possible educational experience. We look forward to continuing to provide this support to the students for many years to come.


Dr T.K. Harris – 1958/59
John Baxter – 1960/61
Jim Hartong – 1962/63
Bill Sanford – 1964/65
Germane Swanson – 1966/67
Ken Phillipson – 1968/69
Ralph Freday – 1970
Cy Hefke – 1971
Jack Geib – 1972/73
Jack Berrey – 1974/75
Dick Spall – 1976/77
Larry Bishop – 1978
Ron Fulton – 1979
Ernie Fry – 1980/81
Chuck Perry – 1982/83
Don Masucci – 1984/85
J.J. Smith – 1986
Dick Sutton – 1987/88/89
Ron Feltz – 1990/91
Bruce Cain – 1992/93/94
Scott Warburton – 1995/96
Pee Wee Mutersbaugh – 7/98/99/2000
Charlie Little – 2001/02/03/04
Bob Berrodin – 2005/06
Kent Weida – 2007/08
Dave Greek – 2009/10/11
George Housos – 2012
John Orr – 2012/13/14/15
Charlie Grandjean – 2016/17
David Cochenour – 2018/19/20/21/22


You can support the Sideliners by donating today. Follow the prompts to designate your donation and how you wish it to be recognized in the football program.

The goal of the Sideliners is to support the academic, arts and athletic programs at North Canton Hoover High School.

The Sideliners welcome anyone interested in supporting the students of Hoover High School to attend our monthly meetings which are the first Monday of every month at the Greentown Athletic Club at 7:00 p.m.

We thank you for your continued support and ask that you become an active member of the Sideliners by participating in our meetings. Your help is greatly needed if Hoover High School is to continue to provide the opportunities for students to excel in a variety of academic, arts and athletic activities.