Sideliners fiscal year starts in June. Board members are elected at the May meeting each year.

Officers for 2022-2023
President – David Cochenour
Vice President – John Orr
Secretary – Chris Moore
Treasurer – Lori Cochenour

Board members for 2022-2023
Doug Houtz
Geoff Stroemple
Craig Wallick
Charlie Grandjean
Rick Hawley
Ron Foltz
Sharon Saus


You can support the Sideliners by donating today. Follow the prompts to designate your donation and how you wish it to be recognized in the football program.

The goal of the Sideliners is to support the academic, arts and athletic programs at North Canton Hoover High School.

The Sideliners welcome anyone interested in supporting the students of Hoover High School to attend our monthly meetings which are the first Monday of every month at the Greentown Athletic Club at 7:00 p.m.

We thank you for your continued support and ask that you become an active member of the Sideliners by participating in our meetings. Your help is greatly needed if Hoover High School is to continue to provide the opportunities for students to excel in a variety of academic, arts and athletic activities.